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Nutraplanet launch Olympus Lab’s latest Vital1ty, Demigod Conqu3r and Stim Free Conqu3r

As promised Olympus Labs have introduced their three new supplements with an awesome introductory sale. While we did expect the launch to go off last week, the special is more than worth the wait as the brand are running their release through Nutraplanet. The store most well known as the launch specialists have delivered on all of Olympus’ latest, the creatine Vital1ty, and the pre-workouts Conqu3r Demigod Edition and Conqu3er Stim Free. The price on the cheapest one of the three Vital1ty is just $14.99, with an incredible six 30 serving flavors to choose from in wicked watermelon, strawberry kiwi, rawberry lemonade, primal punch, and sour apple annihilation and maniacal mango. As for the two 20 serving pre-workouts Demigod Conqu3r and Stim Free Conqu3r, Nutraplanet have valued them both at $28.99, seeing no difference in price between the versions. Like Olympus’ Vital1ty the regular Conqu3r has six tastes, with exactly the same options. Stim Free Conqu3r on the other hand only has two, making use of wicked watermelon and rawberry lemonade. The Nutraplanet introductory offers aren’t going to last forever, so if you do see something you like get in quick.

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