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Purus Labs industry first BCAAXR now available at the Vitamin Shoppe

On Halloween Purus Labs sneakily revealed their teased supplement, the beadlet formula BCAAXR. The product was confirmed to be the world’s first extended release branched chain amino acid complex, packing 1g of rapidly released 2:1:1 BCAAs and a second gram released around 60 minutes later. The one of a kind Purus innovation has now shown up at the Vitamin Shoppe, going on sale as expected for a relatively high price. The retailer have got BCAAXR listed online for $32.99, with a uniquely delivered total of 100g of BCAAs per 150 capsule bottle. The supplement has yet to show up anywhere else from what we can see, which does suggest some kind of exclusive, whether it be short or long term. Regardless of how far Purus plan on spreading BCAAXR, for now the Vitamin Shoppe is the place to go. The store aren’t usually too far off in price compared to most others, so even if they’re not your go-to store you at least get a good idea on what you’ll be paying if or when BCAAXR lands elsewhere.

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