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Review of Purus Labs true long lasting energy supplement Theatrim

Review of Purus Labs true long lasting energy supplement Theatrim

Theatrim is Purus Labs latest supplement behind their new BCAAXR, the first fat burner, or first formula we know of using the ingredient TeaCrine (nature identical theacrine). The formula promises a lot of things, with the one standing out to us the most being long lasting energy. A lot of products make that promise and on most occasions deliver on it. The reason it peaks out interest in Theatrim is purely because of Purus’ inclusion of TeaCrine. Whenever extended energy is promoted, the experience and ingredients are very much the same with the supplement picking you up and energizing you for usually four to six hours. Over the past couple of weeks we have been testing out Theatrim to see first hand exactly how it performs, and bring you the review we have today of both Theatrim and our first TeaCrine product experience.

Unlike a lot of energizing thermogenic formulas out there, Purus Theatrim can actually be used at it’s smallest serving of one capsule and still have an extremely noticeable impact. At two capsules, it’s maximum amount to be taken at any one time, you will get the same effects they’ll just be significantly stronger. The two that stand out in the supplement are thermogenesis and as hoped extended energy, which really brings a whole new meaning to the idea of long lasting.

The one thing a lot of fat burners that power you for a good four to six hours have in common, and not the case for Theatrim, is that they have quite the pre-workout like kick. After you throw back the appropriate serving size, they tend to have a bit of a strong introduction that’s not quite as intense as an actual pre-workout, but very reminiscent of one. With Theatrim you won’t get that at all, especially since the product doesn’t really climax until about a few hours later. You will notice it’s energy slowly taking effect when you find yourself becoming more and more awake, active and productive over the first hour or two. When we say slowly, we do really mean slowly as in that first hour you won’t feel like much is happening at all. It’s only in the second hour that the supplement gradually starts to build putting a little extra pep in your step.

While Theatrim definitely has days where it kicks in a lot quicker than others, as well as the other way around taking much longer. It is usually late in the second hour or early in the third where the product establishes itself. As mentioned you will notice an increase in alertness and productivity, benefiting you for more than just a cardio session or full blown workout. Whether you pop Theatrim for exercise, work, study or really any kind of activity, it’s going to give you the energy and drive to do whatever it is you want to do efficiently. At it’s peak when you’re in the middle of cardio it’s probably going to keep you on the treadmill for another half or full hour. In those times where you’ve had enough or get a little bored, Theatrim has the ability to refocus you and essentially force you to do what you need to. It’s focus isn’t like what you’d get in a pre-workout, it’s more of a cross between an uplifting mood enhancement and a light concentration increase. If you’ve decided to use two capsules just before work or study, you are of course not done until your shift is over or time is up. However once again the supplement has the unique skill to refocus you. A wondering mind will become reset, and even if the job at hand already has your full attention. You’ll notice the energy is then pushed into the speed in which you do things and coordination with multiple tasks.

The energy that the Purus product has is definitely a versatile one, as it doesn’t necessarily lock down to just energy for your body. It’s true power lies in it’s ability to energize both your mind and body, distributing the effect evenly. As we touched on earlier, when you’re lacking focus it will encourage you to keep your mind where it should be. When you’re tired or drowsy it will both lift you up and bring you back to life. If those two highlights weren’t already enough to get you down to your local store to pick up a bottle of Theatrim. You might want to hear about the part we were talking about in the beginning.

We did initially purchase the Purus fat burner to find out how good or different it’s long lasting energy truly is. While it is easy to get distracted by it’s incredible energy, the time in which the effect lasts is equally as impressive. When we said the supplement takes about two hours to get going and build up to the peak of it’s power, we didn’t say how long that lasted. The truth is there are a lot of products out there promising the common eight hour ability. Up until now we had yet to see any energy drink, shot or pill get close to that time with most ending at about four to maybe six hours. Theatrim on the other hand is that one that actually doesn’t promote any kind of time, but is closer than anything else we’ve ever experienced to that eight hour mark. Once it does finally get to that point where the energy is flowing through both mind and body, the main effect will stay that way for a good four to six hours. After that time only then will it start to fade rounding out at about the six to seven hour mark. Because the exit is much like the intro, we can’t really put an exact time on the lifespan of Theatrim. Fortunately at it’s end is where you are more than welcome to use your second serving for the day, basically repeating the supplement’s first half day performance.

With the product already being one of the best we’ve seen in a very long time in terms of energy, Theatrim does have one more feature well worth mentioning. Thermogeneis is the effect most brands team energy up with in weight loss formulas like Theatrim, and something Purus have indeed done just as well as they’ve done the fat burner’s main attraction. Much like the supplement’s energy, the increase in body heat isn’t something that comes on quickly. It does take a fair amount of time to work it’s way in, but on the bright side it also borrows the energy’s long lasting ability as the thermogenesis tends to go for almost the same amount of time. If we had to put a length on this one we’d say around two or three hours from when it kicks in. Don’t expect anything like instant sweat dripping from your head, or pouring out all over. Theatrim’s thermogenesis is very consistent with the energy just keeping the body warm for a good period of time. It’s not over the top or unnoticeable, it is at the amount you’d expect if you took an intense hour of thermogenesis and spread it out. The heating effect is fairly short lived compared to the energy. Which is certainly not a bad thing, as compared to it’s competitors Theatrim probably takes the record for longest lasting thermogenesis as well as energy.

To be honest we don’t really have anything bad to say about the Purus’ weight loss formula. It really does exactly what it promises, and in a way no other product does. The energy takes a little bit to kick in, meaning if you use it right before working out or cardio you’ll probably have more energy and sweat going on afterwards. When you understand Theatrim however, and what it’s capable of, you’ll realize you are energized and sweating right from AM to PM. Throw one serving back on wake up and you’ll be covered for almost up to eight hours, then simply throw back the second serving for the next seven or eight. It may not deliver in the areas more complex supplements do, trying to burn fat outside of thermogenesis and enhanced energy. But keep in mind Theatrim isn’t trying to do that. As stated, it does what it says on the bottle, and in a way you’re likely to have never experienced before. While many diet based or stimulant free formulas promote around the clock weight loss. Purus Theatrim is officially the only one we know of that can claim the same thing by way of it’s two nailed effects.

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