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Creatine anhydrous dosed confirmed for USP Lab’s Modern Creatine

Creatine anhydrous dosed confirmed for USP Lab's Modern Creatine

For those interested in the exact numbers of USP Lab’s new Modern Creatine. With pre-orders now fulfilled and fans receiving shipments, we have got confirmation of the supplement’s contents. Initially the only ingredient we knew the exact dose of was the presumed to be smaller betaine anhydrous, which was promoted at 2.5g. Based on it’s expected serving size of 6.2g we figured we’d be looking somewhere around 3.5g for the product’s only other feature BioCre creatine anhydrous. Thanks to all the fan submissions we can now confirm that the creatine is set at just half a gram more than betaine, weighing in at 3g. While it was USP Lab’s Inner Circle that launched Modern Creatine we can’t imagine the supplement being too far away from shelves. Usually it only takes a few weeks once insiders get the product. So definitely be on the look out for it at your local retailer, if of course you were unfortunate enough to miss USP’s two for $30 + freebies deal.

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