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Roxy revealed as BPI’s latest industry first

Roxy revealed as BPI's latest industry first

They said it was coming Friday, however it turns out the information has been released a day early for BPI’s latest supplement. The product is as promised a fat burner, going by the name Roxy. While the way in which the formula would help you lose weight was a mystery, with just the picture of two yellow pills being all we had to go off. BPI have confirmed that the supplement is a high energy and focus, lemon flavored softgel formula. The unveiling has only confirmed two features for the product in niacin and caffeine, with no doubt more in the mix, which we don’t mind waiting for seeing as we’ve got the Roxy reveal a day early. Thanks to the details BPI have let loose we now know that when they were talking about “weight loss just got faster” it was in reference to their flavor-coated softgel liquid delivery system. It is also that system that makes the supplement a first ever, combining its very unique softgel form with greater bioavailability and superior dosage accuracy. From here we now look forward to BPI’s unveiling of Roxy’s complete list of contents, then of course the chance to buy the one pill once a day fat burner.

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