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No matter what BPS do DCP 2.1 will maintain 2.0’s price point

No matter what BPS do DCP 2.1 will maintain 2.0's price point

Body Performance Solutions, the brand you’ll have the chance to win a supplement from in the next few hours, have passed on a few more details about their teased sequel they’ve got coming. It was almost two months back now that the brand confirmed their interest in the pre-workout market, and at the same time the working title DCP 2.1. For those that don’t follow BPS or haven’t seen any of our Tuesday giveaways for the brand, DCP 2.0 is their current fat burning formula. Initially BPS said that they would only be making minor adjustments for 2.1, hinting at maybe one or two ingredients taking the product to the next level. Today’s update unfortunately doesn’t bring any information about what will be changing in the supplement, it does however reassure fans that regardless of what BPS do to DCP 2.0 it will maintain its price point. The other detail is one you probably could have guessed and that is the brand’s promise of DCP 2.1 being even more effective than 2.0. While it is all a bit of a tease right now, we won’t be waiting too much longer for the release of the product with BPS hoping to have out and about in a month or so.

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