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Caffeine pterostilbene suspected to be behind Cellucor’s C4 50x XCelicor

Caffeine pterostilbene suspected to be behind Cellucor's C4 50x XCelicor

After all that went down last week with Cellucor’s massive unveiling of their G4 Series plans, we didn’t really take much time to sit down and look things over. We’re not of course talking about the supplements that had all of their facts revealed, C4, NO3, Super HD, P6 and Alpha Amino. We’re referring to the many pre-workout variants Cellucor have planned for sometime next year. The one we are taking a closer look at today is C4 50x, the product that based on its title we assumed was going to be an extra strength edition. While no more details have been released, we’ve gathered quite a bit of information from what’s available. Basically C4 50x has two tastes confirmed, watermelon and icy blue razz, with 45 servings per 405g tub working out to be 9g a serving, 2.5g more than the regular C4. Also on the face of Cellucor’s 50% more explosive supplement we see the line “powerful energy intensifier with XCelicor”. If the pictures of C4 50x are a true representation of the product and our eyes aren’t deceiving us, then XCelicor is in fact caffeine pterostilbene. As for what else is in the mix based on what we have we’re not entirely sure, although we do suspect when C4 50x’s details arrive we’ll see a few things in common with the regular C4.

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