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Details on 5 of Cellucor’s G4 Series supplements

Details on 5 of Cellucor's G4 Series supplements

While Cellucor’s countdown clock continues to tick over, the brand’s G4 Series information has been released. We’ve now got closer looks at all five of the supplements we got a sneak peek at this morning, C4, Alpha Amino, Super HD, P6 and NO3 Chrome. Basically none of the formulas have been kept the same with each one getting a few minor changes. Starting with NO3 Chrome, Cellucor have dropped norvaline and replaced it with Nitrosigine, as well as moved it into a blend alongside the product’s originals citrulline malate and grape seed. Super HD has had quite a few things shuffled around mostly due to its switch to two major blends instead of one, now only transparently dosing its caffeine. Next we have P6 which has stuck with its one proprietary, managing to hold on to some of its predecessor’s features such as stinging nettle and wild yam, while also introducing a few new ingredients. Moving on to Alpha Amino, the least changed supplement, we see everything kept exactly the same except for its alpha-hydration complex as it has been bumped up to 3g from 2.5, due to the addition of HydroMax glycerol. Last but not least we have Cellucor’s pre-workout C4, another barely altered product that’s basically dropped or unlisted everything from its main blend bar caffeine, mucuna and tyrosine. Replacing them with the trademarked feature TeaCor tetramethyluric acid. To save everyone a long read we did only lightly touch on all the Cellucor G4 Series updates, although have uploaded each supplement’s facts panel for your viewing pleasure below.

NO3 Chrome

Alpha Amino



Super HD

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