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Image of Cobra Lab’s the Curse surfaces in flavor number six orange mango

Image of Cobra Lab's the Curse surfaces in flavor number six orange mango

At the moment Cobra Lab’s first supplement, the well known pre-workout the Curse, is available in a handful of flavors. The energizing product can be found in a total of five tastes, blue raspberry ice, green apple envy, lemon rush, watermelon deluxe, and the limited edition tropical storm. As far as volumes go Cobra have two to choose from, a full size 50 and 10 serving trial tub, with the latter only produced in two of the Curse’s six flavors, green apple envy and the reverse colored tropical storm. Despite Cobra already having a lot going on as it finally looks like they’re about to launch the long awaited Project X, Cobra are also look like they’re going to add to their original supplement. An image has surfaced of a yet to be released Curse taste, with orange mango printed on a 50 serving, orange/yellow themed bottle. For now it is just an image of Cobra’s sixth Curse that’s been uploaded, with no word on when or where the orange mango edition is going to arrive.

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