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Facts panel now available for Gear’s Sleep2Gro as it goes outside Campus Protein

Facts panel now available for Gear's Sleep2Gro as it goes outside Campus Protein

While the brand themselves had yet to upload a label for their sleep formula Sleep2Gro. A couple of Gear stockists have now added it their websites, finally confirming the contents of the brand’s first new product since they launched. We did already know about the menu of Sleep2Gro with green tea, the only flavor in fact available for the 30 serving supplement. Making up each of those servings is actually quite a few more ingredients then expected in a total of 13. Starting from the top of Gear’s transparently dosed facts panel we have 1g of taurine, 750mg glycine, an odd half gram of creatine monohydrate, 500mg tryptophan, a slightly small 300mg GABA, 200mg theanine. 100mg each of passionflower, lemon balm and chamomile extract, 50mg shilajit, 45mg alpha GPC, 30mg 5-HTP, and last but not least 1.5mg of the sleep essential melatonin. As mentioned Gear’s Sleep2Gro can now be found at more than just Campus Protein, with TF Supplements also now stocking it for the same price as Campus, at $25.95.

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