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Celebratory vanilla birthday cake added to GNC’s Total Lean powder and bar

Celebratory vanilla birthday cake added to GNC's Total Lean powder and bar

We have seen GNC put together limited edition supplements in the past, with last year’s Total Lean pumpkin spice Lean Shake RTD a great example of that. The company have now actually done another new Total Lean flavor, introducing an option we saw the Athlete’s Company attempt earlier in the year. The taste is none other than birthday cake, or at least a spin off of the flavor with vanilla birthday cake. Unlike pumpkin spice GNC have launched their limited edition effort for more than just one product, adding the taste to Total Lean Lean Shake 25 powder and Lean Bar. Both variants are being promoted as a part of a 10th Birthday celebration, further confirming the vanilla birthday cake limited edition status. While we’re not too sure on when the new Lean Shake powder and bar went on sale, they are still available from GNC. As for price the edible one of the two won’t cost you anything more compared to its other flavors, seeing birthday cake Lean Bar valued at $11.99 or $7.99 with a Gold Card for five bars. The Lean Shake powder is a little different as it comes in a less than half the regular size bag, with seven servings costing you $24.99 or $19.99 for Gold Card holders.

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