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Kaged Muscle from’s Kris Gethin to launch with 5 basic supplements

Kaged Muscle from's Kris Gethin to launch with 5 basic supplements shoppers will be more than familiar with one of the online store’s regular features, the writer, photographer and transformation specialist Kris Gethin. The former editor-in-chief of is responsible for a number of promotions on the website, including his most recent effort the 12 Week Daily Trainer. In addition to the launch of his complete guide to getting in shape, it looks like Gethin has also put together the start of his own line of supplements. The name of the brand is Kaged Muscle, which for now has just five basic products. Making up the range we have the 100 capsule Caffeine, the 125 capsule L-Carnitine with 750mg of Carnipure carnitine l-tartrate per pill, a 200g tub of unflavored l-citrulline. And lastly two BCAA formulas, a 400 count with 500mg of 2:1:1 BCAAs per capsule and an unflavored 400g bottle. None of the Kaged Muscle supplements have been released yet, but as you might have guessed are going to be launching at with no official word on whether or not anything else is on the way.

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