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2nd flavor finally coming to Live Long Nutrition’s BCAA 4mula

2nd flavor finally coming to Live Long Nutrition's BCAA 4mula

Live Long Nutrition are definitely not one of the more complex supplement focused brands out there, but they do have a handful of products that fall outside of the simple supplement range. Live Long’s most notable complex formula, which is only about two ingredients short of being a basic product, is the BCAA 4mula. The supplement packs a very heavy 10.5g of 4:1:1 BCAAs in each of its 30 servings, as well as 1g of citrulline malate and 4mg of vitamin B12. At the moment 4mula is only available in the one size and one unique flavor, with Italian ice making up its lonely menu. We’ve now got news that fans will soon finally be treated to a second taste for the supplement, seeing Italian ice joined by a much more common effort in fresh mango. While the variant does just seem like your usual new flavor, we do wonder about its weight. Images of fresh mango 4mula feature a volume of 249g, significantly less than Live Long’s current 30 serving edition. That question is likely to be answered when the brand launch fresh mango 4mula in the next few weeks. As they are currently promoting the arrival of the product’s second taste for soon.

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