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C4 Mass, Ripped and 50x add a few more to Cellucor’s G4 Series

C4 Mass, Ripped and 50x add a few more to Cellucor's G4 Series

Following on from this morning’s reveal of five of Cellucor’s G4 Series supplements, we now have information on everything else that’s on the way. As well as updated versions of C4, NO3, Super HD, Alpha Amino and P6, each with their own few alterations compared to their predecessor’s. The brand are also due to launch a SlimPro fish protein hydrolysate infused CLK, a ready-to-drink C4, and three different C4s. While the CLK and C4 RTD appear to be relatively straightforward, C4 Mass, C4 Ripped and C4 50x definitely sound a little more interesting. Nothing has been released about any of the additional pre-workouts outside of their names. Which unfortunately leaves us only guessing that they’re going to separate themselves from the regular C4 by featuring mass, fat burning, and quite possibly extra strength ingredients. The five formulas we detailed a few hours ago are going to be the first lot of G4 Series supplements we get our hands on, along with the updated CLK. As for the other four, C4 Mass, Ripped, 50x and the RTD, we’re going to have to calm ourselves down and hold back the excitement until early next year when the premixed C4 will kick it off for wave two of Cellucor’s G4 Series.

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