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BodyForge 2.1 facts panel confirms Neogenix’s drops, raises and replacements

BodyForge 2.1 facts panel confirms Neogenix's drops, raises and replacements

Last week news came in from Neogenix about the coming of a couple new things. Firstly the brand confirmed a second flavor for the stimulant powered pre-workout NeuroSurge 3.0, with fruit punch being joined by another classic in blue raspberry. Secondly a sequel to Neogenix’s stimulant free pre-workout BodyForge 2.0 was announced, and confirmed to also be getting a second taste in orange citrus. The big mystery was of course what is in the brand’s upcoming update, that only had enough done to it to earn the title BodyForge 2.1. We’ve now got details on exactly what is in the follow up formula, or at least what’s not in the edited supplement. Compared to the current BodyForge, Neogenix have dropped glycine malate, alpha lipoic acid, ginkgo biloba, as well as two of its creatines, AKG and tricreatine. Except for the addition of 2.5g of creatine l-malic acid, everything else has been carried over and slightly edited. Ingredients such as beta-alanine and creatine-o-phosphate have been kept at the same dose per scoop, with things like agmatine and HICA getting lowered, and n-acetyl-cysteine getting bumped up. Neogenix fans can check out the 100% transparent product’s complete list of features below, as we’ve uploaded BodyForge 2.1’s 30 serving facts panel confirming all its changes.

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