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Neogenix discontinues Neurosurge and keeps Supremacy at 2.0


With two new supplements now completely unveiled in Velocity Ultra and BodyForge Ultra, and are both expected to be launching very soon. Neogenix fans may be wondering what’s happening with the rest of their favorite brand’s line up? That is something we’ve been wondering ourselves and decided to ask the brand for a little more on its future.

Basically for now Neogenix is just going to update Velocity and BodyForge into its Ultra Series and that’s it. The brand’s testosterone booster Supremacy 2.0 is going to remain at the 2.0 level, with its only other product Neurosurge 3.0 being discontinued. If you are in fact a fan of Neurosurge now would be a good time to stock up, not just because it’s been discontinued but because is clearing out its remaining stock at $19.99 a tub.

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