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5 bottles of Neon’s first new supplement Thermo-Rev up for gabs

5 bottles of Neon's first new supplement Thermo-Rev up for gabs

Neon Sport recently launched their early bird Thermo-Rev competition, giving fans the chance to try the brand’s first new supplement before it hits shelves. Still very little is known about the product, with just a handful of it’s effects being all that we know of with energy and thermogenesis. While we don’t unfortunately have an update on Thermo-Rev today, what we do have is our own giveaway of the fat burning formula. Neon have allocated us five full size bottles of the product to give away to five lucky Stack3d readers. To get yourself in the draw, like our daily contests all we need you to do is visit our’s and Neon’s Facebook pages, drop them a like, then verify your actions in the competition box below. We will be running the Thermo-Rev giveaway for a little longer than most contests, as it kicks off today and will be going right through to next Wednesday. Seeing as we have five bottles up for grabs, we will randomly select and announce our fiver winners across the next nine days, with the fifth and final name being drawn next Thursday. Be sure to read over the terms and conditions, and for those that don’t always catch social posts or competition emails follow our giveaway results page to see if you get listed as one of the five lucky winners.

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