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Key lime pie spotted alongside Optimum’s voted salted caramel Gold Standard 100% Whey

Key lime pie spotted alongside Optimum's voted salted caramel Gold Standard 100% Whey

Early this year Optimum Nutrition launched their flavor competition, offering up a whole lot of prizes for suggestions on what their next Gold Standard 100% Whey flavor should be. After all the tastes were taken in the brand decided on three for everyone to vote on. The options Optimum wanted fans to choose from were key lime pie, salted caramel, and the most interesting one of the bunch maple bacon. The brand eventually announced salted caramel as the winner, leaving key lime pie maple bacon as just suggestions. It turns out Optimum are actually going to be launching two flavors from their contest, as images of Gold Standard salted caramel and key lime pie have surfaced. Both variants can be seen in a 26 serving tub, two or three less than your average Optimum 100% Whey 2lb. For now it is only the news of key lime pie and the two taste’s sizes that we have, with no estimated time of arrival, price or list of retailers confirmed.

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