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American Muscle & PES end in a draw only to take on the reigning champ Cellucor Cor Whey

We really couldn’t have asked for a more dramatic finish than yesterday’s Round 2 closer. While Gaspari had it all sewn up against Top Secret Whey, with the same thing to be said for the reigning champ against Dymatize Elite Whey. It was an incredibly tight race for the others as in the end Muscle Pharm Combat lost out by 4% to AllMax Isoflex. As for American Muscle and PES, the two brands and their Certified proteins ended with a draw. To double check we even counted up each vote individually, but it was indeed a draw. For those who participated last year you will know it means both now move on to Round 3 and into a three way battle. Both American Muscle Premium Whey and PES Select will in fact be taking on Cellucor Cor Whey in the only Round 3 quarterfinal three way. The other contests are MAN’s Pure PF3 Vs. AllMax IsoFlex, the veterans Gaspari and Muscletech with Platinum Whey Vs. Myofusion Advanced, and last year’s runner-up MTS Machine Whey Vs. Pro Supps PS Whey. Like all the other rounds, voting is due to close this Sunday at midnight Pacific Time with next week bringing the semifinals, followed by the two week final.

AllMax IsoFlex Vs. MAN Sports Pure PF3

MTS Nutrition Machine Whey Vs. Pro Supps PS Whey

Cellucor Cor Whey Vs. American Muscle Premium Whey Vs. PES Select Protein

Muscletech Platinum Whey Vs. Gaspari Myofusion Advanced

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