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Costco’s incredibly competitive protein powder and Clash Of The Cans winner BUM Energy prove most popular

Best Of The Week 79424

Our regular and in-depth measured weekly roundup highlighting the most-read posts from the past seven days is back for another edition. The dedicated Top Stories section continues to be a go-to source for the latest and most exciting developments in the sports nutrition and supplement industry. The top five articles from that list and the last seven days showcase a diverse range of products and collaborations, from retail giants entering the supplement market to innovative energy drinks and sports beverages making waves where possible.

Costco’s foray into the protein powder market captured significant attention, offering exceptional and almost unbeatable value to consumers. Raw Nutrition and Chris Bumstead celebrated a major win with their BUM Energy drink, while Infinis impressed with a caffeine-free energy enhancer. The introduction of Cadence’s innovative sports drink and Bodyarmor’s collaboration with Dude Perfect rounded out the ranking, all of which you can check out in the links above and look forward to another round-up around the same time next week.

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