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For quite some time Performix’s range of supplements has only been available from the retail giant GNC. Currently they stock four different products from the brand, SST, SST Powder (alternate formula), Super T and the one we recently reviewed Stimfree. The two SST originals can be purchased in two sizes, the regular 30 day supply or the double size 60 day supply. Fans of Performix have now actually got another place to purchase the beautifully presented brand, as have picked up half of the Performix line. It is the brand’s first two supplements, the fat burning SSTs that the online store have added to their website. The new stockist not only gives fans another place to purchase Performix products, but also a place to get the SSTs at the best price possible. GNC’s regular cost for the powder and capsule variants is $99.99, or $59.99 with a Gold Card. It is that Gold Card price that have listed the two weight loss formulas for, without any kind of code or membership required. Whether or not the store are due to get the double size SSTs, Super T or Stimfree, is not yet unknown. Though we can’t imagine why Performix wouldn’t want to give someone like all they have.

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