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2 of QuadraLean’s 4 features star in RSP’s flavored fat burner Incinerade

2 of QuadraLean's 4 features promoted in RSP's flavored fat burner Incinerade

Surprisingly instead of RSP Nutrition’s latest supplement hitting or being teased through the popular online store. The brand have in fact launched their new product themselves, with the extreme fat burner Incinerade. The supplement is RSP’s first flavored weight loss solution, and just second overall in the popular category. Unfortunately the brand haven’t uploaded Incinerade’s facts panel for the release, leaving a few questions out in the open. Basically our main concern is not exactly what’s in the product, but how similar it is to RSP’s other fat burner QuadraLean. The only reason we ask is because the two ingredients we do know of in Incinerade are CLA and l-carnitine, two of QuadraLean’s four features, though it does have a carnitine complex not just l-carnitine. We’re not saying the two are going to be identical, we are however thinking they may end up being quite similar. With recent launches like Agmatine Sulfate, identical to AgmaGen, and the almost exact replica of Create, the creatine CreAde, you do have to wonder. If you are a fan of RSP’s and have no problem trusting them, feel free to purchase Incinerade without knowing everything that’s in it. It is now on sale direct from the brand at $39.99, available in two 40 serving flavors strawberry and orange.

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