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DMBA powered Beta Shred confirmed for Australia’s UPS

DMBA powered Beta Shred confirmed for Australia's UPS

You may remember back in October UPS, the Australian brand behind the incredibly crazy pre-workout appropriately titled Crazy, teased the coming of three new supplements. The trio were all labeled after their categories with a mass gainer, creatine and some kind of fat burner. While details on the gainer and creatine have still yet to come through, the weight loss formula has now surfaced. The official name for what UPS originally referred to as Burn Caps is Beta Shred, a thermogenic fat burner. According to the brand if you are a fan of their current entry in the category Thermo8or you are going to enjoy Beta Shred, suggesting the supplement is indeed going to be a replacement. Despite the product not being available just yet, UPS have released its list of contents which is a bit blurry, but we can still make most of it out. From top to bottom Beta Shred packs 500mg of coleus forskohlii, camellia sinensis, 150mg garcinia cambogia, DMBA, caffeine anhydrous, paullinia cupana, 24mg higenamine, evodiamine and methyl-synephrine. There is one more ingredient in there we’re not 100% certain on, however fans will soon be able to see first hand exactly what that is. As mentioned the latest from UPS is not yet available, but is expected to go on sale early next year.

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