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Nutraplanet one of the 1st to stock USP’s Modern Creatine at $20 a tub

Nutraplanet one of the 1st to stock USP's Modern Creatine at $20 a tub

USP Labs latest supplement Modern Creatine has started showing up in stores, finally giving the unique formula a price tag. If you are an Inner Circle member you probably would have jumped on the brand’s insider deal, which gave fans two tubs of Modern Creatine for $29.99 with a free USP Barbell Club tee and a handful of samples. For those that weren’t signed up and missed the deal, you’re probably going to be wishing you hadn’t looking at the price the product’s been launched with. Nutraplanet are one of the first to scene with USP’s slightly complex creatine supplement, listing it for $19.99 a tub, roughly 33% more than the Inner Circle offer without factoring in the tee and samples. The popular store have surprisingly not put together an introductory deal on the supplement, although sometimes they don’t always do it right away. While you are more than welcome to wait and see what kind of cost other USP stockists give Modern Creatine, don’t expect to much change as Nutraplanet are one of the more competitive retailers out there.

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