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Protein Wars semifinals polls are now open with a twist

Protein Wars semifinals polls are now open with a twist

The Protein Wars semifinals are finally here, after a heavy week of campaigning from almost every brand in the mix. Following a week of back and forth between Muscletech and Gaspari, Platinum Whey took it from Myofusion Advanced. Lobliner’s Machine Whey dominated Pro Supps PS Whey, MAN’s soon to be gone Pure PF3 finished strong against AllMax IsoFlex, and last year’s champ Cellucor Cor Whey. Won the three way, knocking out our two Certified supplements American Muscle Premium Whey and PES Select Protein. We’ve now shuffled up the winners for the semifinals pitting MTS Machine Whey against Muscletech Platinum Whey and Cellucor Cor Whey versus MAN’s Pure PF3. Over the weekend we did mention on social media that we had something special for our semifinals, which will also be a part of our grand final. What we’re going to do is only display the vote percentages today, Wednesday and Friday, with the polls still of course be open through to Sunday midnight Pacific Time. All we can say now is let the voting begin, and may the most popular proteins make it through to the two week final.

Cellucor Cor Whey Vs. MAN Sports Pure PF3

MTS Machine Whey Vs. Muscletech Platinum Whey

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