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Halloween flavors amaretto & almond milk Hydro+ finally hit 4+ Nutrition’s warehouse

Halloween flavors amaretto & almond milk Hydro+ finally hit 4+ Nutrition's warehouse

4+ Nutrition fans may remember last year around Halloween their favorite Italian brand unveiled two new flavors for the 2014 released protein powder Hydro+. Despite the supplement being well under a year old, 4+ almost doubled its menu introducing two extremely unique tastes. Joining the product’s originals chocolate, vanilla and cappuccino, was a one of a kind recipe in almond milk, and a local classic brought to life with amaretto. It was on the last day of October that 4+ confirmed the duo, although they did not give fans any idea on when they would be available. Almost three months later the brand have now announced that both almond milk and amaretto are ready for launch. The flavors have hit 4+ Nutrition’s own warehouse in both of Hydro’s two tub sizes, the 900g and 2kg. From here the next likely step is of course getting the supplements to stores, which will technically make it seven new releases for the brand so far this year.

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