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7 serving Perform better value than AI’s original 120 capsule bottle

7 serving Perform better value than AI's original 120 capsule bottle

As well as putting together another monthly special for January, giving fans Fat Loss Stacks consisting of Raspberry Ketones, Caffeine and Green Coffee Bean Extract free with purchases over $50. AI Sports have also introduced something for the first month of 2015, which they promise will “start your new year off with a bang”. Basically the brand have produced a trial size variant of their sexual health supplement Perform, providing future users with a lot more than their usual single serving sample packs. Each bottle of the new option packs a total of 28 capsules, working out to exactly seven servings, enough to last you an entire week. While most trial versions tend to cost slightly more than their full size originals, AI have actually priced this one extremely well. The 28 count Perform costs just $5 for a limited time direct from the brand, which compared to the the 120’s $35 means, you could spend the same amount on seven servings and get 196 capsules. Keep in mind the price is a limited time thing, although even at the trial size’s regular $7.99 you’re better off going smaller when purchasing Perform straight from AI.

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