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Fans pick the flavor for ANS Performance’s upcoming Amino HP

Fans pick the flavor for ANS Performance's upcoming Amino HP

As much as ANS Performance are a high quality brand, they are also a brand that gives back to their fans. You will have seen examples of this with insider launches of supplements offering incredible discounts, and occasional giveaways through social media and other platforms. ANS have now shown once again why they are a brand devoted to their fans, as today they’re asking followers to vote on the final flavor for their upcoming BCAA formula Amino HP. From their original list of options they’ve narrowed their selection of flavors down to a total of three fruity recipes with strawberry kiwi, pineapple punch and raspberry iced tea. Based on the way ANS have worded things, it looks like Amino HP is going the way of Diablo and Dilate, launching with just the one taste. On the bright side as mentioned fans will be deciding on that one flavor, with votes being taken through the brand’s Wufoo poll. Feel free to have your say and vote for what Amino HP you want to see when ANS finally release the product in the next month or so.

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