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4 flavor menu confirmed for 2 of Black Market’s upcoming amino formulas

4 flavor menu confirmed for 2 of Black Market's upcoming amino formulas

Last week Black Market confirmed that in a maximum of eight weeks time they will be releasing three complex amino supplements. At the moment the underground brand have a total of eight products available, five of those being individuals from their Raw Series, and the rest a part of the AdreNOlyn line with Bulk, Cuts and Hers. The three aminos on the way are expected to be along the same lines as Black Market’s pre-workout range, bringing Bulk, Cuts and Hers versions of an amino formula. To add to the excitement as we get closer to the arrival of the brand’s first addition in quite some time, Black Market have confirmed for us the menus of Amino Bulk and Cuts. While the Her’s options are not yet set in stone, the other two will be launching in a total of four flavors, three of them from AdreNOlyn Bulk and Cuts with fruit punch, watermelon and blue razz, and the fourth being orange pineapple. We do of course have a lot more information to come, but keep in mind we are still seven weeks away from Black Market’s deadline. We’ll definitely keep posting details as they come in, as well as continue that countdown until the week of February 16th.

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