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From Best BCAA to Best Protein, BPI’s latest protein powder unveiled

From Best BCAA to Best Protein, BPI's latest protein powder unveiled

Keeping things consistent a new supplement from BPI Sports has been unveiled, carrying on from their amino effort Best BCAA. The title of the product is Best Protein, a 100% whey formula being promoted as “the new standard”. Before going into its contents, it is worth pointing out that BPI do already have two protein powders available ISO HD and Whey HD. Best Protein separates itself from those supplements by sitting right in the middle on the brand’s digestion rate scale being quicker than Whey HD and equally slower than ISO HD. Moving on to what BPI have packed into each serving of Best Protein we’ve got 24g of protein, with whey isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate as sources. 3g of carbohydrates (2g sugar, 1g fiber), 2g of fat (1g saturated), with 120 calories and no aminos in its other ingredients section. Those numbers are based on the product’s chocolate brownie recipe, which are slightly different compared to Best Protein’s only other taste vanilla swirl going 1g less of carbs and half a gram less of fat. There are just the two flavors we know of at the moment, both coming in two sizes a 28/29 serving 2lb and 70/72 serving 5lb. Best Protein is currently listed as coming soon and will take BPI’s total number of protein powders up to four, giving fans even more options when it comes to the extremely competitive category.

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