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Grape joins BPI’s 3 flavor Funnbar family

Grape joins BPI's 3 flavor Funnbar family

Last year BPI introduced their industry first high protein candy, the bright and colorful Funnbar. The supplement was so unique the brand actually gave the innovation its own website, Facebook page and Twitter account. Originally BPI launched the product in a total of three flavors, caramel and chocolate, and two fruity variants tropical berry and orange cream. It now looks like the brand are going to be taking Funnbar’s menu up to a range of four, with images surfacing of a third fruity effort. Joining BPI’s original line up is the one word flavor grape, promoting the same highlights with 1.5g of protein, zero fat, 2g of carbohydrates, no sugar and 15 calories per chew. The other thing you may notice in the image above is that the Funnbars do have a slightly different look to them now. BPI’s signature blue has been stretched diagonally across the left side of the bar giving the brand’s logo a nice consistent background from flavor to flavor. Nothing’s been said about when BPI’s grape Funnbar will be hitting shelves, just that it is joining the family at some point in time.

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