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Crystal-X the official name of Cobra Lab’s previously titled Project X

Crystal-X the official name of Cobra Lab's previously titled Project X

From Project X capsules to Project X powder, to the latest development from Cobra Labs and their long awaited supplement now officially titled Crystal-X. The first mention of this product actually dates back to almost two years ago, where it went by the unofficial title Project X. No images or shadowed bottles were released, just a name and the always vague words “coming soon”. After what seems like a lifetime Cobra have finally unveiled of what appears to be a picture of the finished supplement featuring the title mentioned earlier, Crystal-X. The label continues on with the centered head graphic theme as seen with the brand’s original the Curse and fat burner the Ripper, however instead of a skull they’ve gone with a computerized face. The key point in the update isn’t actually the name, despite waiting years for it, or the look of the label, but the category in which Crystal-X is going to compete in. On the bottom of the product’s face Cobra confirm that the supplement is going to be a pre-workout, hinting at a possible replacement of the Curse. With Crystal-X’s title, category and image now available we are of course left waiting for the reveal of its formula, which may not be that far away based on the speed the brand’s updates have been coming recently.

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