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Reformulated BCAA Sensation gets one less flavor than Dedicated’s original

Reformulated BCAA Sensation gets one less flavor than Dedicated's original

On Tuesday Dedicated Nutrition announced that their reformulated BCAA Sensation was basically ready to go. The brand were able to confirm a handful of features in the supplement, as well as tease some of its other areas that are to be revealed at a later date. While the product’s other ingredients have still yet to be named, with six features that aren’t aminos left to come. Dedicated have passed on the menu for the updated BCAA Sensation, something most amino fans will know has become quite a big focus for brands competing in the category. At the moment Dedicated’s BCAA formula can be found in a total of four flavors, exotic fruit, orange, fruit punch and watermelon. Looking at the new BCAA Sensation menu it appears only one of those is going to be carried over, with the supplement actually only coming in a total of three flavors. Exotic fruit is the taste Dedicated have decided to keep and offer alongside their two new options, mango strawberry and strawberry kiwi orange. According to the brand the reformulated BCAA Sensation is due to arrive in less than two weeks, which should mean the rest of its ingredients will be here sometime next week.

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