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Leucine dose doubled for Dedicated’s reformulated BCAA Sensation

Leucine dose doubled for Dedicated's reformulated BCAA Sensation

The amino cocktail category has already got a lot going for it at the moment, with ANS Performance’s Amino-HP on the way, as well as Myokem’s extended release mTOR Pro. Joining the list of those looking to change that game is Dedicated Nutrition, who recently just showed off their rebranded BCAA Sensation. Apparently there is a lot more to that BCAA based supplement than its all new look, as Dedicated have said the 2014 promised update is very near. The formula has been finalized, and by the sounds of things packs a much more ranged set of features. From what we’ve been told, in the area of aminos the all new Dedicated BCAA Sensation has dropped its taurine dose from 3g down to 1. Removed glutamine completely, and kept citrulline malate, isoleucine and valine all at their original amounts. Moving on from the maintained and axed ingredients to the brand’s bigger focus leucine, which is the one filling in all the gaps as it has been doubled to 5g. While most BCAA highlights would end there, those amino details actually only make up less than half of Dedicated’s label. There are in fact six more features in the reformulated BCAA Sensation, with three of them being branded ingredients. Like with Myokem and mTOR Pro the information is expected to trickle on in, right up until when or maybe even well before the product becomes available.

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