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Fans get a look at All-American EFX’s range in the new blue branding

Fans get a look at All-American EFX's range in the new blue branding

We originally got a look at All-American EFX’s new branding in November, when they unveiled an alternate label for their classic creatine supplement Kre-Alkalyn. The brand didn’t say too much about what other products would be getting the makeover, although soon after the preview they dropped the ball on Freak Maker Shock. The new supplement was EFX’s competitive entry into the pre-workout market, and unveiled in a full size tub featuring the previously Kre-Alkalyn only theme. To celebrate the new year the brand have now uploaded an image of the whole family, showing everyone what their products are soon going to look like. Kre-Alkalyn Hardcore and Kick have made the cut, as well as the Test Charge supplements, Aroma Block-R, and Test Charge Hardcore liquid and capsules. The main change seems to be the base color of the products, as instead of having a different background from supplement to supplement, EFX have gone with blue all around and altered each item’s title color. The rebranding isn’t expected to be taking place immediately, but is definitely going to creep its way in sometime this year.

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