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Form meets function perfectly in GAT’s much needed website update

Form meets function perfectly in GAT's much needed website update

Already this year we’ve seen a handful of companies update their websites in less time than it took us to notice, or go offline and put up an “under construction” sign. The latest brand to join the list of those who managed to achieve the feat seemingly overnight is German American Technologies. The brand that recently confirmed the exclusive black cherry JetFUSE for Canada, have completely remodeled their online presence. GAT’s extremely aged design has been dropped, with almost no trace of the original except for the brand’s logo and product pictures. The site now features a much more modern layout and simple stacked flow design. All the sections have been reorganized, even the supplements have been further divided into categories such as pre-workout, testosterone and post training. The addition that probably stands out the most and should get some recognition is GAT’s calendar, which slides in from the right and neatly displays each and every one of the brand’s upcoming events. You can find the website at the usual address, where you can see all the updates for yourself.

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