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New flavor coming to at least one of Grenade’s .50 Calibers menus

New flavor coming to at least one of Grenade's .50 Calibers menus

.50 Caliber or .50 Calibre if you’re looking at the original, is Grenade’s entry into the pre-workout market, and one of the very first supplements we used that packed 450mg of caffeine. While these days the over-the-top maximum is 50mg more at half a gram, Grenade’s energizer still maintains its formula. When the product first arrived it was available in berry blast, then soon after lemon raid, two very different tastes compared to what’s on .50 Caliber’s US menu. American fans will be more familiar with KO punch and orange onslaught, both still fruit inspired recipes but as titled, very different experiences. The last time we saw Grenade add to their pre-workout was actually just over a month ago with a 10 serving trial size. This week the brand have announced that they are due to follow up that effort with another flavor. Grenade have yet to confirm just what that flavor will be, however they are promoting the new option in combination with .50 Calibre. Which is of course the UK original. As mentioned the menus are just as different as the formulas from area to area, so this may not be one we see around here anytime soon. Regardless of who gets it, a third is on the way for at least one of Grenade’s pre-workout menus with a reveal expected sometime soon.

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