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Skiddles MAN ISO-Amino launched with yet another incredible price from Nutraplanet


MAN’s 1%ers would have no doubt appreciated the brand’s direct launch of skiddles ISO-Amino last week with $29.99 getting you a free MAN water bottle and shipping. The deal wasn’t quite as good as the brand’s first one for tigers blood, blue bomb-sicle, mighty melon and our favorite ISO-Amino, the sour patch kids inspired sour batch kids. However it was the quickest way to get a hold of the brand’s first of four candy series flavors. If you were like us you may have decided to wait for a better promotion on skiddles ISO-Amino, which exactly one week after the product launched, has arrived at Nutraplanet. The store better known for their introductory offers has now got both sour batch kids and skiddles ISO-Amino for an incredible $17.87. While you obviously don’t get the freebies you would by purchasing direct from MAN, you do get a drastically discounted cost. At less than $18, Nutraplanet not only have the best price you’ll find on ISO-Amino, but from what we can see, they are also the only ones with skiddles outside of the brand’s own store.

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