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Super creatine complex CRE5 joins MHP’s growing list of coming soon supplements

Super creatine complex CRE5 joins MHP's growing list of coming soon supplements

Looking at the year so far for MHP, as well as December of last year, MHP do appear to be bringing it just as strong as their sister company MuscleMeds did in early 2013. We’ve seen a lot of new things from the all blue brand including supplements, clothing and even sequel formulas. Just when you thought MHP were out or at least about to turn it down a bit, details on another new product have surfaced. The title of the supplement is CRE5, a formula the brand describe as a super creatine complex, and subtitle with the line “maximum muscle saturation”. Outside of its name, list of effects and image, nothing else has been released, although from those details you can get a good idea of what the product’s about. While we can not confirm anything until MHP drop all the information, we’re thinking the top line “super creatine complex” sums the supplement up pretty good tying in with its title as a five creatine form cocktail. The number could also relate to a 5g dose, however based on the use of the word complex we’re feeling five forms is a good guess. We don’t yet have any idea on when CRE5 is due to arrive, especially since at the moment we are still quite excited and looking forward to MHP’s other new product, the nighttime formula 4D-Tropin. Which we can’t imagine CRE5 beating to shelves.

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