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More information on Muscle Pharm’s Hardcore Series pre-workout Wreckage released

More information on Muslce Pharm's Hardcore Series pre-workout Wreckage released

Today we’ve got a closer look at one of the three new supplements Muscle Pharm have put together and confirmed last week for their upcoming Hardcore Series. The product is the pre-workout Wreckage, leaving details on the protein powder Diesel and post-workout Gainz in the dark. Obviously looking at a supplement front on isn’t anywhere near as interesting as looking at it from the back where you can its facts panel. Either way something is better than nothing, and while we can’t confirm everything in Muscle Pharm’s new pre-workout Wreckage, it does list a handful of notable highlights. Of the numbers and ingredients we can make out we can see 6g of citrulline malate, 4g of leucine and 3g of something we’re not quite sure on. As mentioned a behind look at a product is more informative, however from this we can gather that the Athlete’s Company are sticking with a heavy scoop. More importantly if the features on the front of Wreckage are its most powerful ingredients, you have to wonder whether or not the formula will be packing many stimulants, anything more for pump, and is focus going to play a role. The highlights certainly suggest Wreckage is going to be a very performance driven pre-workout, although that opinion could easily be changed depending on what else is in there. At the pace Muscle Pharm are going the Hardcore Series is looking more and more like an Arnold bound unveiling, which if true would unfortunately mean we’re going to be drip fed facts for at least another month.

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