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Gainz, Diesel and Wreckage confirmed for Muscle Pharm’s upcoming Hardcore Series

Gainz, Diesel and Wreckage confirmed for Muscle Pharm's upcoming Hardcore Series

The Athlete’s Company Muscle Pharm have just unveiled a brand new selection of supplements, adding to their already wide range product lines. Following on from Muscle Pharm’s Arnold Schwarzenegger Series, the female based Fitmiss, the essential Core Series, and even last year’s Nature Sport that we all got a sneak peek at, comes the brand’s Hardcore Series. While Muscle Pharm do already have a collection of complex formulas with the Hybrid Series, they’re apparently looking at launching a line that’s at least titled a little more hardcore. For now the Athlete’s Company have only revealed three supplements from the range with the pre-workout Wreckage, post-workout Gainz, and whey protein powder Diesel. Without a closer look at the products we can’t confirm just how hardcore Muscle Pharm’s Hardcore Series is. Although if the brand’s image is to scale it does appear that the Athlete’s Company are keeping with their heavy serving size strategy for Wreckage, or at least heavy compared to some of the strongest pre-workout competitors. According to Muscle Pharm the upcoming Hardcore Series is expected to be arriving “soon”, and is going to be available exclusively through

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