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Beta bottles confirm contents of Neon’s new thermogenic Thermo-Rev

Beta bottles confirm contents of Neon's new thermogenic Thermo-Rev

The great guys over at PricePlow have come through and posted the contents of Neon Sport’s upcoming supplement Thermo-Rev. The team received their very own bottle of the thermogenic formula featuring a full list of contents, and finally giving us all a look at what’s in the product. Being that PricePlow have only got a beta bottle, Thermo-Rev’s formula is displayed slightly differently to what you’ll see on a finished bottle with a lengthy list of 19 different ingredients. Of that 19, there are about 9 important inclusions with gotu kola, olea europea, caffeine anhydrous, soy bean, theobromine, Advantra Z, Capsimax cayenne, yohimbe, Huperzine A and rauwolfia. While we are of course only looking at a beta bottle, it does seem that Neon are going to continue on with their proprietary blends, something you will have noticed a lot of competitors have started steering away from. With proof now that pre-release Thermo-Revs have been shipped and received, Neon’s launch can’t be too far away, although feel free to try win the supplement in our contest with five bottles up for gabs.

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