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Optimum’s key lime pie & salted caramel Gold Standard show up in 3.5lb tubs

Optimum's key lime pie & salted caramel Gold Standard show up in 3.5lb tubs

Despite our original images of Optimum Nutrition’s 2014 contest flavors featuring 26 servings on their labels, big and bold right on the front. The duo have actually arrived in a size very different to what we had details on. Instead of the rather unique 1.81lb tubs we talked about, both key lime pie and salted caramel 100% Whey Gold Standard have gone on sale in 50 serving bottles, which isn’t exactly a size most locations stock. It is in fact a size only one place stocks, the one and only It is there that the two tastes have been launched alongside Optimum’s limited five flavor menu for the 50 serve Gold Standard Whey with chocolate peanut butter, double rich chocolate, extreme milk chocolate, french vanilla creme and mocha cappuccino. Strangely enough have not shown up with the 26 serving variants of key lime pie and salted caramel, just the larger 50 serving which coincidentally does have a promotion on it at the moment. Simply add any of the 3.5lbers flavors to your cart and instantly save 20%. There is no coupon code required, making it as easy as possible to try Optimum’s two new flavors and at the affordable price of $38.40 a tub.

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