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Second Freak Mode tee shows off Pharmafreak’s consistent theme

Second Freak Mode tee shows off Pharmafreak's consistent theme

Just as PharmaFreak promised more #FreakMode tees are definitely looking like they’re on the way. The brand followed up on the topic earlier this month with their 0-100 Real Quick shirt, that confirmed its connection with the original by also featuring PharmaFreak’s now well known hashtag. The latest design spotted from the team comes with the exact same layout and idea as the 0-100 tee, once again carrying over the #FreakMode hashtag in combination with its own unique set of words. The second shirt from the Freak Mode series has the couple “never settle” printed across its chest, which you can see above replicating the 0-100’s layout. Regardless of whether or not Pharmafreak do have more Freak Mode tops in the tank, we are getting the idea of where they’re going with this. It seems they’ve teamed up their hit hashtag with inspirational words, something that if the brand do choose to expand on could see them with an endless amount of designs.

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