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Long Sleeve Tee Hoodie modified for Pro Supp’s Swag store

Long Sleeve Tee Hoodie modified for Pro Supp's Swag store

If you were as much of a fan as we were of Pro Supps Long Sleeve T-Shirt Hoodie, you would have likely picked it up a day or so after it was released. The fast growing brand aren’t known to charge an arm and a leg for their apparel, so at $34.99 each we were happy to support the philosophy “athlete’s are built not born”. Unfortunately since the introduction of Pro Supps new dedicated PS Swag website, which also brought with it a whole lot of new pieces, the long sleeve was dropped. With that said being a product we liked and probably countless others as well, the brand have now got a new long sleeve tee hoodie available. The item almost features the exact same design keeping the front, sleeve, and hoodie prints, but dropping the grunge pattern from the front, and by the looks of things the main graphic on the back as well. The latest PS Swag product can now be found on Pro Supps gear website for the same price as the original long sleeve tee hoodie at $34.99, with five sizes to choose from, small to 2XL.

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