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Body Nutrition team up with 3 of the best for the launch of s’mores Trutein

Body Nutrition team up with 3 of the best for the launch of s'mores Trutein

Bang on the last day of last month, Body Nutrition unveiled their ninth flavor for 2014 for their popular protein powder Trutein. The recipe the brand put together was the always enjoyable, yet rarely seen option s’mores. At the time of the announcement Body only had the product available for giveaways, with not even sales through their own website. Now three weeks later we know why the brand were holding off on the release of s’mores Trutein, as they’ve actually teamed up with a handful of retailers for the launch. In total there are three major stores who Body have partnered with on this one, Tiger Fitness, Netrition and Best Price Nutrition. All three locations have dropped their regular Trutein price for s’mores seeing Tiger Fitness at $38.99 for a 4lb and $23.99 for the 2. Netrition with just the 4lb at $42.99, and Best Price who are in fact discounting all Trutein flavors to $43.95 and $23.95 respectively. You can also now pick up s’mores Trutein direct from Body, although with all the incredible offers available that would only be the way to go if everyone sells out.

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