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Nutrition enthusiasts who headed to earlier today hoping to purchase this month’s or multiple month’s stacks would have been greeted with a little more than the usual website. It turns out that sometime today the industry’s biggest online store was hacked. While weren’t able to give an exact time as to when they would be back online, with business running as per usual. The blog Gaz Digital has shed some light on the situation detailing just what has happened, who is behind it, and what may be lying ahead. In their post on the hack, which has been updated as the day goes on, they show the screen some were welcomed with reading “KKS. Hacked by Cold, Radius, Virta”. Further into Gaz Digital’s post we find Twitter accounts linked to the hack where the drama is the topic of conversation. In an even more recent update the website highlights a motive quoting one of the hackers as saying “they shit talked me in a call” and the hack was a “random idea to own them”. have posted news of their site being down to social media, hoping to get it back online as soon as possible. However with Gaz Digital rounding out their piece writing KKS are planning to “change the DNS every hour” to keep from regaining their home, it could be a while before it all comes back.

Update: is now back online

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