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Macros confirmed for Evogen’s five flavor IsoJect

Macros confirmed for Evogen's five flavor IsoJect

We haven’t quite got the facts panel for Evogen Nutrition’s upcoming protein powder IsoJect, we do however have everything you really need to know about the supplement. First off per serving of the 100% whey isolate formula fans are set to get 25g of protein, just 1g of carbohydrates, half a gram of fat and 110 calories. Other important facts worth mentioning that Evogen promote are that IsoJect is gluten and soy free. The above macros are based on the cinnamon roll flavor, which as it turns out is only one of five options on IsoJect’s menu. Initially the three tastes we knew of were chocolate, cinnamon roll and chocolate peanut butter. The other two flavors are vanilla bean and a rather surprising entry with unflavored, or as Evogen have titled it much like Quest did for their protein powder, multi-purpose. To add to the update in less than two weeks the brand are due to put IsoJect on sale, presumably through their website if their last few releases are anything to go by. For those fans that don’t want to wait and can make over to Columbus Ohio next week. As mentioned a week or so ago Evogen will officially be unveiling the product at the Arnold Classic, a few days before IsoJect is expected to made available.

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