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More than just chocolate on Evogen’s IsoJect menu

More than just chocolate on Evogen's IsoJect menu

As many mentions as it’s had we haven’t really got a good look at Evogen’s first ever protein powder IsoJect. Today at less than two weeks out from the Arnold we figured now would be as good a time as any to drop an update and go over the details that we know. Up until today all we had on the supplement was the one flavor with chocolate, and the mention of Evozyme, which from what has been released seems like the “protein enzyme release technology” IsoJect highlights on its bottle. Adding to that list of information we now know of two more tastes for the product, seeing chocolate joined by another classic recipe in chocolate peanut butter, and the slightly less common cinnamon roll. Evogen have also confirmed the supplement’s tub size of 1.94lbs, an option we’re feeling might end up being quite lonely as no mention or product placement has proven otherwise. Last but not least IsoJect’s serving size will be featuring the traditional 25g of protein per serving. That number is based on sample sizes Evogen have sent out. So it could be different in the supplement itself, although we will be finding out ourselves next week when we can get up close with IsoJect at the Arnold.

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