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Update on 1 of Evogen’s 2 upcoming supplements, their first protein powder IsoJect

Update on 1 of Evogen's 2 upcoming supplements, their first protein powder IsoJect

As we get back into the swing of things following our Christmas Day break, we have a bit of an update on one of Evogen’s two new supplements they have planned for next year. While details on AminoJect are the same, with the product still only known as a flavored amino formula of some kind. A video has been released by Evogen featuring one of their newest stars, the 2015 Arnold Classic entrant Justin Compton, alongside a tub of the brand’s other upcoming supplement IsoJect. Previously it was just the name we had confirmed, and the one flavor in chocolate. Now however, thanks to Evogen’s short clip, we have two pieces of additional information. The highlights of the product that have now surfaced are that IsoJect is going to be relying on just the one source of protein in ultra pure whey isolate. The second detail is that the product will feature what sounds like “EvoZyme” technology. Which we don’t know much about, but will say it sounds a lot like a digestive enzyme blend of some sort. As per usual we do expect more information to trickle on in as we move closer to both IsoJect and AminoJect’s launches, with both Evogen items being promised for early next year.

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